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At Travel With Awestruck, we design bespoke journeys for discerning travelers who expect the very best. From a quick Caribbean getaway to a months-long cruise around the world and everything in between, let our award-winning planning services open a world of exclusive discovery for you. 

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For our clients, time is their greatest asset. You’re juggling so many demands—your career, your family, your home—that your vacation is your chance to step away, decompress, and refocus on building connections. 

There is no room for error—which is why we deliver flawless execution. Our deeply personal approach to travel planning + our best-in-class service means we will make every moment of your priceless vacation count. 

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Immersive Custom Itineraries

All-Inclusive Resorts

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We Make Your Vacation as Singular as You Are

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Immersive Custom Itineraries

Intimate. Exclusive. Utterly enchanting. Those are the hallmarks of an Awestruck escape—designed just for you, from the ground up.

We don’t do “big box” tours; instead, your itinerary will be thoughtfully tailored to appeal to your passions and long-held travel desires. We’ve cultivated relationships with local experts who have deep connections to their destinations—like the fifth-generation South African safari guide who knows exactly where to find the most captivating animals, or the Tuscan nonna who will usher you into her honey-colored farmhouse kitchen for an afternoon of rolling gnocchi. 

Get ready to experience more “awestruck moments” that wow your senses at every turn. Our immersive itinerary services include:

• European Journeys
• Luxury African Safaris
• Central American Adventures 
• Caribbean Escapes
• Private Catamaran & Yacht Adventures
• Private Jet Services
• Overwater bungalows in the South
• Pacific (and beyond!
• Luxury Hawaii resorts & villas

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$50 per travel day

all-inclusive resorts

It’s time to elevate your “fun and sun” experience to something truly extraordinary. Our portfolio of resorts spans Mexico and the Caribbean—and spans a breadth of styles—from intimate overwater villas with private beach access to iconic properties where the party never stops. Your attentive advisor will match you with the resort that fits your singular travel tastes as we build your distinct “traveler profile.” No more second-guessing whether you’ve found the right fit as you search through Google’s 1,380,000,000 resort results. Our team has personally visited the best-of-the-best properties, so you can trust us to make the perfect match for you.

Additionally, our insider connections allow us to fulfill every last one of your requests. Private island-hopping yacht experiences, the room with the most spectacular sunset view, simply put, we make the impossible possible for you. 

Our all-inclusive resort planning services include: 

• Booking flights 
• Securing resort accommodations 
• Managing transportation to and from  the resorts
• Arranging sightseeing excursions, spa
• services, private cabanas, and more

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Starting at $149 per trip

Group travel

Experience a new way to travel together—with total ease from beginning to end. Our group travel experts will take all the stress off your shoulders, as we coordinate seamless travel logistics for your entire group. Let us take the lead on managing your group contracts, negotiating the best rates, and ensuring every traveler is taken care of (we answer all their questions, so you don’t have to!). We’ll also make sure that you, as the group leader, reap all the perks of group travel. We not only make group travel effortless, we make it exceptional. Let us elevate your trip with exclusive experiences and excursions just for your group, private gourmet group dinners, and VIP treatment for every traveler, at every turn. 

Our group travel planning services include:

• Milestone trips for special celebrations
• Multigenerational family travel
• Corporate travel & retreats
• Destination Weddings

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Honeymoon planning

Only one in four couples report that they went on their ideal honeymoon. At Travel With Awestruck, we make sure that you’re a part of that lucky 25 percent—because you deserve nothing less on your ultra-romantic escape. 

No two Awestruck honeymoons are alike; we believe that your honeymoon should reflect the two of you. Whether your idea of the perfect honeymoon is relaxing in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives, hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, or island-hopping in the Mediterranean, our honeymoon experts have the industry relationships, personal experience, and expertise to craft a personalized, unforgettable experience for you. 

Your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that marks the beginning of your married life—so we’re dedicated to making it all that it can be. Our honeymoon planning services include:

• Booking flights 
• Securing hotel or resort
• accommodations 
• Managing transportation to and from your accommodation
• Arranging sightseeing excursions, spa services, private tours, and more

Starting at $199 per trip

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destination weddings

Planning a destination wedding on your own can be daunting—so it’s tempting to gather ideas and insights from family, friends, and even internet strangers. But when you’re sourcing resort options like this, you’re bound to end up with someone else’s idea of a perfect destination wedding.

That’s why at Travel With Awestruck, we start with you. Your dedicated destination wedding specialist will take the time to get to know your love story, personal preferences, and the guest experience you’ve been yearning to share with your loved ones. Then, we’ll hand-select breathtaking resorts and packages for you—our unparalleled knowledge of the destination wedding industry means we are expert matchmakers. 

Our destination wedding service includes:

• Matching you to the perfect all-inclusive resort
• Negotiating group room rates and securing your room block
• Complete guest travel management
• Custom wedding website
• Arrangements for private excursions and events
• Advisement on budget, venue selection, and more

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Starting at $1,000

We feel so grateful to have wonderful clients who align with our values and appreciate our authentic approach to building relationships. 


You’re happy to trust the experts—you don’t have the time (or desire) to second-guess every line of your itinerary.

You ask yourself: “How do I know if the 47 resort recommendations on my Facebook post shared by friends are really a good fit for my family?”

You’re totally overwhelmed by all the research. After all, there are 5,390,000 Google results for “Amalfi Coast Tours” alone!

You want to utilize an industry insider’s network to find the perfect options that Google
doesn’t give you

You don’t want to sweat the small stuff—in fact, we’re here to do that for you! 

You know where you want to go, but don’t know how to pick the perfect accommodations, arrange transfers, figure out train timetables, book excursions, or how to fit in everything you want to see without needing a vacation from your vacation

You feel comfortable sharing your preferences and passions (this is how we personalize the travel experience!)

You’re kind and respectful of our time—in turn we treat our clients with kindness and respect always

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